What can we help you with?

While we are not doctors, we can not help you with the disease or it’s prevention. The other damage caused by it i.e. economic, psychological and legal is something we along with our partner experts can help you mitigate. Some of the examples are listed below. Please seek help and allow our experts to step in and help you. 

Mental Health assistance

The loss of jobs, livelihood, money and the anxiety about the uncertain future coupled with lack of an option to move around freely will certainly put us all through terribly difficult mental conditions. If you are feeling anxious, depressed or hopeless – do not panic and worry you are not alone.

If you’re feeling: 





Please seek help.

Legal & financial advisory

The lockdown and the uncertainty is likely to have a long lasting negative impact on your financial plans which may lead to legal hinderances caused by liabilities and claims against you or your business. Additionally, trauma caused by flared up emotions within family may require you to seek legal remedies.

If you are facing: 

Unpaid Dues

Eviction Notice

Domestic Violence


Please seek help.

business guidance

The pandemic has pushed all consumers into a saving mode only spending money on bare essentials. Further, the lockdowns imposed to contain the spread have put all business activities to a halt. It is very likely that whether you’re a service provider or into a products business – you are to be impacted. 

If you are facing: 

Zero Sales

Huge Loss

Inability to Pay Staff

Mounting Loans

Tax Liabilities

Please seek help.

How does it work? 

We are a simple platform to connect the help givers and help seekers. There are no commercials. This is no fees. We are doing our bit so we all can pull through this together. 

Step 1: Post your problem  through our simple form.

Step 2: We will e-connect you to the help giver.

Step 3: Please take their advise guidance.

Come back again if you need more help. 

Impact of Coronavirus on India

Corona knows no limit.

As the Coronavirus pandemic grips the world, the healthcare systems of many countries are collapsing. There are hundreds of thousands of confirmed Covid-19 cases around the world and many more which are yet to be detected. The virus know no limits: no race, no geography, no economic status, no barrier – it is out there and it is estimated that millions around the world will be affected by it before there is an end in sight.

Governments, Authorities and Humanitarian Organisations around the country working to ensure that the curve of this pandemic is flattened and healthcare infrastructure is ramped up. Also, a lot of organisations are working to ensure logistics and supply chain for daily essentials for the general masses continue unaffected. 

The major side effects of the virus besides the health hazard are…


The lockdown and lack of demand has impacted all businesses and employees.


The attempt to contain the virus means there can be no physical movement.


While incomes have/will be impacted negatively, the liabilities are mounting.


The end to the crisis is not in sight because of the spread of the virus.

Our Mission

We are all together in this, nobody in India shall have to face this alone. With the right guidance and support we can overcome this.

Through this platform we aim to reach out to millions of impacted individuals, families and businesses helping them get through this. We aim to connect the ones in need with the right mental health experts to allow them fight anxiety, uncertainty and depression which they may encounter. We want to dispense the right financial and legal advise to fight the battle which may lie ahead for many of us as individual consumers and business owners; we want to have a set of professionals with expertise in law, accounting and finance to be able to guide you through your issues. We want to gather as much business advise and acumen from industry experts to rebuild your impacted financial portfolios as well as minimise the impact of these crisis on your business, helping you use this opportunity to make your operations leaner and offerings meaner. 

The goal is to help each other fight the psycho-socio-economic impact of the Coronavirus.

Who do we need?

Professionals and industry experts who are willing to guide and assist individuals, families and businesses most impacted by Coronavirus. 


To assist people fight anxiety, depression and other mental trauma as a direct or indirect result of Coronavirus’s impact. Also to assist in overcoming the helplessness of losing as a result of the pandemic’s impact.


To assist people & businesses protect their financial interests against liabilities as well assert any claims along with staying legal compliant. Also to aid in dispute resolution in both business and family matters and/or legal remedy of the dispute.


To advise in general and in specific matters about what is the best step with respect to people’s wealth portfolios as well as tax liabilities given the volatility and uncertain times.


To give broad business oriented guidance to business owners, employees on how to minimise the impact and maximise the potential when things get back to normal.

Let us together, help each other recover.

Expert Advise

Collection of what experts have to say from around India. This is not our origingal content and the sources are mentioned.

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